Scorpion Vision to distribute PixeLink cameras

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Leading industrial imaging distributors, Scorpion Vision are now distributing an innovative range of PixeLINK industrial cameras using new CMOS sensors for affordable superior image quality.

As the major PixeLINK distributors in the UK, Scorpion Vision are set to start distributing the highly popular PixeLINK USB 3.0 Camera line to customers in the machine vision, life sciences and microscopy markets across the country.

The new range of camera's have become renowned for their use of an innovative type of CMOS sensor equipped with a global shutter. Due to the global shutter, these CMOS sensors can negate effects such as skew, wobble and smear which other CMOS sensors have previously been prone to. Like other CMOS sensors, they also do not suffer from the effects of blooming, produced by cameras using traditional CCD sensors, which can cause flaring and streaking on images.

The CMOS sensors in the USB3.0 Camera range also offer a much higher resolution and faster frame rate than that available in traditional CCD sensors. Priced at far more affordable rates than can be offered by CCD based cameras with similar resolution and frame rates, the new range of USB 3.0 cameras have set PixeLINK truly ahead of their competition.

Director at Scorpion Vision, Paul Wilson, has said: "We've been a PixeLINK distributor for about 7 years and in that time have seen the superior performance their cameras offer. Side by side, competitive cameras with the same sensor don't have the same performance. The PixeLINK models offer faster refresh and less noise and have a very robust software interface. These new cameras from PixeLINK can be considered as a direct replacement to CCD based cameras - the image quality is as good as CCD, with minimal noise."

PixeLINK USB 3.0 Camera's high frame rate capability enable the cameras to be used in a wide range of applications.

Paul Wilson continued: "The superb capabilities of the USB 3.0 range mean they are ideal for use in just about any application. With the uptake of HD video and even 4k, these cameras may even have a place in broadcast business."