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SC2600 near infrared camera

Flir ATS has launched its SC2600 near infrared (NIR) camera for the research and science community. With its low noise and highly sensitive 640 × 512 InGaAs sensor, the affordable SC2600 NIR camera is ideal for automation, research and science applications.

The SC2600 combines excellent sensitivity throughout the spectral range 0.9-1.7µm and high resolution, enabling detection of small targets and accurate, reliable measurements. The compact size and light weight of the camera enhances the flexibility of operation even in space-restricted environments.

Features include independent analogue and digital (Gigabit Ethernet) video outputs, external frame synchronisation, video windowing, and independent data streams. The camera delivers ready to use, sharp images for applications as diverse as hyperspectral imaging, solar cell inspection, laser profiling, medical research, water or ice detection, silicon wafer processing, skin damage evaluation, phenomenology and many others.


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