S12379 CCD

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Hamamatsu Photonics introduces a new linear CCD image sensor, the S12379; designed for machine vision cameras for chip counters, sorting machines and other applications.

The new S12379 offers a linear array of 2048 active pixels in a compact package only 36 mm long. Each pixel is square which is required for machine vision. It also offers a high-speed multiport readout of 40 MHz/port (4x ports) across a spectral range covering 200 – 1000 nm, peaking at 600 nm with a QE of nearly 80%.

In addition to these features, the S12379 also includes an anti-blooming function to prevent charge leaking into adjacent pixels, therefore ensuring accurate, consistent and high-sensitivity imaging.

With square pixels and the high-speed readout necessary for machine vision, the S12379 is the ideal choice for such demanding applications.