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S11155-2048 and S11156-2048 sensors

Hamamatsu Photonics has introduced a new design of back-thinned linear CCD image sensor. The S11155-2048 and S11156-2048 utilise a resistive gate structure, with 'on chip' electronic shutter function, offering high speed readout with low image lag. With their back-thinned structure, these CCDs offer a high sensitivity (>80 per cent quantum efficiency) from the UV to the NIR region of the spectrum.

The resistive gate structure allows for very high-speed signal transfer by using a single high-resistance electrode formed in the active area. A signal charge is transferred by means of a potential slope, created by applying different voltages across the electrode. Compared to a conventional CCD area image sensor, which can be used as a linear image sensor via line binning, a one dimensional CCD with a resistive gate structure offers greater signal transfer speed, and significantly reduced image lag (less than 0.1 per cent), even if the pixel height is large.

The S11155-2048 has 2,048 pixels, each 14µm by 500µm pixel height, while the S11156-2048 also with 2,048 elements, offers a larger 1,000µm pixel height. The resistive gate structure allows both sensors to operate with a high readout speed of 10MHz.

These new image sensors are ideally suited for spectrophotometers requiring a long sensor, with short integration time or fast readout, and for various industrial inspection applications requiring high-speed image acquisition.


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