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Quartz Q-4A180 with NIR sensitivity

Adimec has released a new version of its Quartz Q-4A180 camera that includes near infrared (NIR) imaging sensitivity. The enhancement uses a CMOS-based implementation to achieve high performance and, combined with Adimec's True Accurate Imaging technology, positions the Quartz family to address a wider range of machine vision requirements.

The NIR-capable Quartz camera uses a leading-edge CMOS image sensor from Cmosis delivering NIR sensitivity in a high-performance, low noise solution. Compared to the standard Q-4A180, the NIR enhanced version significantly increases the sensitivity above 650nm. The advanced global shutter CMOS technology combined with Adimec's True Accurate Imaging technology provides excellent speed and accuracy, and an image quality comparable to CCD-based solutions.

The camera achieves fast frame rates for a global shutter 4 Megapixel camera with excellent sensitivity, dynamic range and linearity at these high speeds. In addition, the camera operates at very low noise levels, below 13e-, and provides linear dynamic ranges of 60dB and up due to Adimec's True Accurate Imaging technology.

Quartz 4A180 cameras feature up to 180fps performance, large field of view (FOV) with excellent uniformity, and 2,048 x 2,048 resolutions.


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