ProMetric Y

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Radiant Zemax, a leading provider of light and color test and measurement systems, announces the release of the ProMetric Y line of imaging photometers. Optimized for use in high volume production environments, these specialized camera systems, available in 16 and 29MP models, are ideal for a wide range of quality inspection applications in consumer electronics, lighting, automotive, aerospace, and other industries. Paired with Radiant Zemax’s TrueTest analysis software, ProMetric Y delivers a complete factory test solution for measuring brightness, gauging uniformity, and detecting defects and surface flaws in flat panel displays, illuminated keyboards, instrument panels, and other products.

Imaging photometers and colorimeters increase output with improved accuracy and speed over manual inspection methods, delivering a high return on investment. Out-of-spec products can be corrected or rejected before they make it into the supply chain and into the hands of customers, reducing returns and protecting brand integrity.

Radiant Zemax has developed its latest technologies to meet the needs of its high-volume production customers, introducing its ProMetric I family of colorimeters in 2013, and now the ProMetric Y series photometers. Like the ProMetric I series, ProMetric Y is built around a cooled interline CCD sensor and incorporates an electronic shutter for fast image capture. ProMetric Y series is further optimized for faster measurements to achieve even shorter takt times. Housed in an all new, compact and lightweight housing, it occupies less space on the production line and represents a cost-effective solution for applications where color operation is not required. The ProMetric Y16 and ProMetric Y29 both incorporate “Smart Technology” for easy set up and use, and feature a 12-bit dynamic range for high performance measurement.

“Many of our production test customers can accomplish their applications using photometric measurements”, explains Doug Kreysar, Chief Solutions Officer at Radiant Zemax. “We improved upon the high resolution and flexibility of our existing CCD technology, giving it all-new electronics, and housed it in a rugged, compact package to provide these customers a best-in-class photometer that is both cost-effective and highly capable.”

The ProMetric Y family comes standard with Radiant Zemax’s ProMetric image analysis software; it can be paired to TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection system to provide a complete, turnkey solution or the application-specific PM-KB for automated visual inspection of illuminated keyboards. 

About Radiant Zemax

World leaders in lighting and display devices turn to Radiant Zemax for high-value test and measurement systems that reduce costs, lower risk and shorten time-to-innovation. Radiant Zemax product lines include TrueTest automated visual inspection for display systems, and ProMetric imaging colorimeters, photometers and light source measurement systems. Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA, Radiant Zemax delivers light and color expertise, high-performance products, and support to customers around the world.