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PixeLink µScope software

The PixeLink microscope camera range, which is available with either CMOS or CCD sensor technology, has released an image analyses software package called PixeLink µScope. The camera range and software is available from Scorpion Vision. 

The software, which is bundled with the cameras at no extra cost, further enhances the capability of the PL-B600 and PL-B800 series. Key features include: live measurement and overlay, allowing users to perform measurements on the live preview image; automatic or manual calibration; time lapse capture and movie file production; export into Excel; and manual measurement tools for measuring areas, lengths, circles, parallel lines, and perpendicular distance. The line profiling, single multiple, parallel and polyline commands provide grey, red, green and blue intensity values for specific lines within an image, while the image processing includes features for manual brightness, contrast, gamma, background saturation, histogram, clone, crop, ROI, resize, rotate, split, and much more.


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