Pixel Professor MV-D1024E0-PP01-40-CL

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The CameraLink Pixel Professor camera MV-D1024E-PP01-40-CL, from Photonfocus, is aimed at all customers who need real-time image pre-processing on the camera. With in-built image pre-processing hardware (FPGA) in the camera, reliance on specialised frame grabbers or other hardware accelerators is removed. Another major advantage of performing image pre-processing on the camera results in a dramatic reduction of the vision system computer CPU load. As a consequence the vision system can run faster or use more sophisticated algorithms in the same time period producing better results.

The image pre-processing hardware in the new Pixel Professor camera is based on FPGA technology. The FPGA used in the camera can be flexibly reprogrammed with new image pre-processing operators and allows for a real time image pre-processing with almost 'zero' latency.

The new Pixel Professor camera is aimed at all Machine Vision users, even the ones not having any knowledge about how to program FPGAs. The Pixel Professor Lab, which is included free, is a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows any user to set up his image pre-processing operators with just a few mouse clicks on the computer.