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Pike camera

Allied Vision Technologies has updated its Pike camera family by adding new smart camera functions for improved image quality, optimised performance, and easier, development of image processing systems.

The Pike cameras now have an anti-smear function and extra sensitivity, thanks to new 4x and 8x binning modes. This also provides excellent signal-to-noise ratios. The cameras have also been equipped with a 12-bit FireWire interface, increasing the transmission rate by 33 per cent.

The new Sequence mode means that re-parameterisation for inspection applications is no longer necessary. Since the list of parameters can be controlled via an input port of the camera in addition to the trigger, event-controlled use of the camera is still possible.

The new SIS function (Secure Image Signature) simplifies the control and handling of large volumes of data, and monitors the trigger modules of the image processing system, to ease the development and debugging phase. The PC stores, within the image file, information such as when the picture was taken, with which camera, what the exposure and the area of interest were.


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