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Picolo U4 H.264 PCI-104 board

Multipix Imaging has launched the Euresys four video input capture and H.264 compression board targeting mobile video-surveillance applications. The Picolo U4 board also features high-quality audio capabilities.

The Picolo U4 H.264 PCI-104 is a PCI-104 board and implements, for system integration, eight general-purpose I/O lines, an on-board watchdog and a pass-through buffered video output with cascade capability.

Each video input simultaneously delivers a compressed and an uncompressed video stream leading to a total of eight video streams delivered. The compressed video stream can be recorded or transmitted while the uncompressed one is typically used for local display or video analytics. Both streams are independently configurable.

Thanks to a high resistance to extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations and humidity, the board is particularly well suited to embedded security systems for rail and road transportation, police vehicle equipment or any mobile or outdoor video-surveillance application. The rugged characteristics of the board also target the video-surveillance systems installed in extreme industrial environments.

To operate the board, a DirectShow filters interface for Windows and a Virtual File System driver for Linux are provided.


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