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PAXcamARC+ digital microscope camera

MIS, an imaging software and scientific camera manufacturing company based in Illinois, US, has launched the 32 Megapixel (6464 x 4864) PAXcamARC+ digital microscope camera.

The CCD sensor has the ability to capture low-light images, and also features an enhanced dynamic range that translates to more accurate colour rendition and tonal qualities.

Benefits of the PAXcam ARC+ include high dynamic range image processing, a feature which blends multiple exposure levels to provide expanded detail in light and dark areas of an image, as well as an extended camera exposure range, low light sensitivity, and true and accurate colour display and capture. All PAXcams feature a continuous white balance function, external mount for use as a macro camera, and USB-2 connectivity, which assures real time previewing and fast image capture. The PAXcamARC+ has been customer tested and is being used for various high-resolution applications, including semiconductor, geology, materials sciences, medical device manufacturing, and various life sciences applications.


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