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One-inch format non-browning zoom lenses

Due to increased interest in radiation resistant zoom lenses for one-inch (16mm diagonal) format cameras, Resolve Optics has introduced variants of its non-browning zoom lenses that have been adapted to suit this larger format.

The novel design of Resolve Optics Model 290 motorised zoom lens provides a 6x zoom movement in a very compact form. This enables the lens to image objects from 800mm to infinity without using add-on adapters. When focused at infinity the lens achieves high image resolution on axis at full aperture throughout the zoom range without refocusing (image tracking). Operating at f/1.8 the Model 290 provides high image resolution and minimum geometric distortion from 400-750nm.

Resolve Optics can now also offer its non-motorised Model 192 (6x zoom, f1.8) and motorised Model 200 (3x zoom, f2.8) non-browning lenses as one-inch format models.

The lenses will be of interest to customers wishing to replace legacy systems where the original lenses are no longer available or from users of one-inch format solid-state cameras.


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