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Nuvo-8108GC-QD GPU computing platform

Neousys Technology, an industry-leading provider of rugged embedded systems, announced its Nuvo-8108GC-QD, an edge AI GPU computing platform supporting an NVIDIA® RTX A6000 or RTX A4500 Ampere GPU cards, and Intel® Xeon® E or 9th/ 8th-Gen Core™ (up to 8-core/ 16-thread) CPU with workstation-grade Intel® C246 chipset. Featuring system-level longevity and tremendous GPU computing power, it is an advanced industrial-grade edge AI GPU computing platform that can take autonomous driving, vision inspection, and intelligent video analytics to the next level.

To maximize the performance of computing power, Nuvo-8108GC-QD features an industry-leading patented mechanical design highlighting heat dissipation for the latest professional NVIDIA® RTX A6000/ A4500 graphic cards. The new thermal design ensures it to have a sealed tunnel to exhaust hot air and pull in cool air from outside. It is an edge AI platform that can provide non-throttling computing power for AI development and training workloads. Combining stability, reliability, and incredible inferencing performance, the Nuvo-8108GC-QD is ideal for mass data transformation into models that drive customer insights. It can bring the next generation of products to market faster with real-time engineering simulation for design evaluations and AI-accelerated product design tools.

Nuvo-8108GC-QD is also equipped with wide-range DC input, built-in ignition power control, patented damping bracket, screw-lock mechanism, and a dedicated GPU bracket to secure the GPU card in place to ensure rock-solid in-vehicle operations, in intense shock and vibration conditions up to 3Grms. The additional x16 PCIe slot (8-lanes) and x8 PCIe slot (4-lanes) allow developers to add on high-performance or bandwidth-hungry expansion cards to extend function sets and achieve diverse applications.

"As one of the first edge AI GPU platforms designed for NVIDIA® RTX A6000/ A4500, Nuvo-8108GC-QD leads the way with superior compatibility and performance optimization. For product longevity, our team aims to build a comprehensive product portfolio to help customers take on technology integration and enjoy the benefits of the latest AI infrastructure have to offer" said Chris Ni, Product Director at Neousys.


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