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Nicolet iN10 MX

Thermo Fisher Scientific, a leader in serving science, has introduced the Thermo Scientific Nicolet iN10 MX infrared imaging microscope, which enables analysts to quickly determine the identity and distribution of chemical species within complex structures and random mixtures at microscopic scale. Designed for ultra-fast data acquisition, the microscope provides the ability to perform rapid and accurate analysis of materials ranging from forensic evidence to high-tech polymer composites.

Incorporating Thermo Scientific Omnic Picta software, the Nicolet iN10 MX guides the operator through the entire analytical process, from sample loading to final reporting, in a few mouse clicks. The system's integrated design features a unique combination of machine vision and spectral identification technology to greatly facilitate data acquisition and sample analysis.

The outstanding optical efficiency of the system allows chemical images to be generated from highly scattering samples, such as paper and solid dosage forms, making the Nicolet iN10 MX a powerful tool for counterfeit detection.

The system can be equipped with up to three detectors for optimal data collection. A room temperature detector allows point-and-shoot analysis to be performed without liquid nitrogen. In combination with the highly efficient slide-on ATR (Attenuated Total Reflectance) sampling device, this detector makes the Nicolet iN10 MX as quick and easy to use as a basic infrared spectrometer. For increased sensitivity and the ability to collect data from the smallest of samples, a single-element MCT is available. An optional multi-element detector allows the microscope to collect large images with even faster data collection speed, measuring five by five millimetre areas in five minutes. Additionally, the micro-ATR capability of the system enables images to be obtained at a spatial resolution of higher than 3µm.

Acceptance of infrared microscopy in regulated environments has been limited by its inability to be validated. Uniquely the Nicolet iN10 MX can be validated in reflection, transmission and ATR sampling modes, thereby simplifying the instrument qualification process. This opens opportunities for the application of infrared microscopy in highly regulated environments.


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