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New versions of GigE Viewer, SDK and firmware

Prosilica has released the latest version of its GigE Viewer and Software Development Kit (v1.20), as well as version 1.36 of its firmware. The GigE Sample Viewer is a software program that allows users to operate Prosilica cameras and explore their features out of the box, whereas the SDK allows programmers to set and control all functions of the image capture process.

The new version of the SDK comes with a number of updates and features that offer further options for Java and Linux users. These include registers read and write API calls that have been added to .NET and Java wrappers and the existing support for ARM (LE) processor has been merged into the Linux SDK.

The Prosilica SDK supports a wide range of operating systems: Windows (XP, XP x64, Vista, Vista 64-bit, and 2000), Mac OS, Linux and QNX operating systems on both Intel x86, Power PC and ARM9 platforms.

Version 1.36 of the Prosilica firmware featuring an autogain function has also been released. This function is useful when a short exposure is required, to reduce motion blur for instance, because gain can increase the image signal without lengthening exposure duration. Prosilica provides flexible auto-gain, auto-iris and auto-exposure features that work together seamlessly to optimise image performance in variable light environments.


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