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New sensors for USB3 Vision and GigE Vision cameras

MATRIX VISION is proud to present the latest additions to the range of sensors for its USB3 Vision and GigE Vision cameras.

The first is the IMX342, a 31 MP sensor in the Pregius range from Sony. This sensor offers everything you would expect from a high-resolution sensor, including extremely high resolution, a high frame rate and the pixel quality for which the Pregius range is renowned. In combination with the mvSmartFrameRecall® Smart feature from MATRIX VISION, even resolutions as high as 6480 x 4856 pixels can be used quickly and efficiently with Gigabit Ethernet and Dual Gigabit Ethernet bandwidths. The sensor is already available as a prototype for test purposes in the mvBlueCOUGAR-XD1031, and it will be included as standard from Q2/2019. You'll never miss any details in your application again.

Polarizers are essential when photographing scenes in which reflective and dazzling surfaces like glass, plastic and metal take center stage. The IMX250 from Sony is a Pregius sensor featuring an on-chip polarizer with a filter that works in all four directions. This eliminates the need to rotate an additional polarizer, which enables higher frame rates to be achieved during use. As with all Sony products, this sensor boasts impressive image quality, reduced dark noise and high dynamics. Two versions of the sensor will be made available – the mvBlueCOUGAR-X105p for use with GigE Vision and the mvBlueFOX3-2051p for use with USB3 Vision.

About mvSmartFrameRecall:

The mvSmartFrameRecall generates tiny preview pictures in a lower resolution (thumbnails) that are allocated IDs and transferred to the host PC. The full-resolution version of the image is saved in the camera's image memory at the same time. If the full-resolution image is required, the application sends a request and the image is transferred in the same data stream as the preview pictures.


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