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MVTec to run deep learning seminars

MVTec Software GmbH ( once again underlines its leading position in the use of artificial intelligence in industrial machine vision software: in October 2018, the provider of standard software for machine vision will launch a seminar series titled “MVTec Technology Day – Deep Learning”. It will offer interesting background information about the use of modern deep learning technologies in machine vision applications. Two different dates are offered for this all-day workshop in Munich: October 9 and October 17. Furthermore, a short two-hour seminar will take place at VISION in Stuttgart. Participants will be able to obtain practical, professional knowledge that can be implemented immediately.

The seminars in Munich, which are limited to 20 participants, will be held at the Design Offices Arnulfpark. At the VISION seminar, a maximum of 30 visitors can participate – no registration is necessary. Additional training sessions are planned for February 2019. Detailed information about the seminars is being added continuously under

Another seminar in English language will be offered by MVTec, LLC on August 23 in Quincy, MA, USA. Here, attendees will gain practical experience on solving deep learning applications with HALCON. They will learn how to train and deploy applications on an embedded platform integrated with a standard GigEVision camera. The workshop will be suited to both current users of HALCON as well as people with general interest in the subject. Further information on this seminar can be found at

Focus on new HALCON releases

The seminars in Munich and Stuttgart are in German language and are primarily targeted at users of the MVTec HALCON software product. Up to three deep learning experts from the MVTec Solutions Team will lead the training sessions. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about deep learning technologies available in the most recent HALCON release, 18.05, and will also receive a glimpse of the upcoming HALCON version 18.11, which will be released in November 2018. The training will focus on HALCON functions as well as specific application examples. The seminars starting in 2019 will be based on the then current HALCON version and will be continuously updated to include new and exciting deep learning functions.

Seamless integration of deep learning into standard software

“Deep learning is a trend topic in the machine vision industry, to which we have already been intensively dedicated for several years. We have integrated this technology seamlessly into our comprehensive standard software MVTec HALCON. Only through this integration, a successful use of deep learning is made possible and customers can profit directly from the added value of these new procedures.” explains Dr. Olaf Munkelt, Managing Director of MVTec Software GmbH.


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