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Model 5000D-100 LED Driver/Controller

Innovations in Optics, Inc. introduces the Model 5000D-100 LED Driver/Controller for powering its patented Aurora Classic Line Source Illuminators.  The 5000D-100 LED Driver provides constant current in either continuous, pulsed or PWM modes.  An embedded system adds network control with 10/100Mbps Ethernet connectivity.

The 5000D-100 is also available for third party LED illuminators to be used as a constant current DC to DC driver/controller.  Drive current in continuous mode is selectable from 200 to 2000 mA at 7.5 to 60VDC output.  The output current setting is adjustable from 100% down to 10%, with duty cycle adjustment from 100% to 1% via the Ethernet interface for a 100:1 dimming range. Both analog and digital remote controls are built-in.  An RJ-45 Ethernet port for network integration is accessed by end-users with a utility application and an easy to use GUI enables field-programmability. Other features include: temperature sensors for both the current driver and its hosted line source; cooling fan operation tied to the +24 VDC input power; a built-in 3-digit display of the operating current setting and operating mode; and a DIN rail mounting clip.

Aurora Classic Line Sources are available using white LEDs and can also be supplied using narrow band LEDs in center wavelengths ranging from the UV through the NIR, and in five different models featuring beam lengths from 4 to 24 inches. For machine vision, Aurora Classics deliver unprecedented brightness and illumination uniformity that enable ultrafast image acquisition and enhance image resolution boosting process rates in high speed line scan systems.  For UV curing applications, the Aurora UV Classic Line Sources provide peak irradiance at a large working distance for applications where the source cannot be mounted at close proximity to the surface being cured due to interference from machine frameworks or complicated part profiles.


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