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MetaView system

Meta Vision Systems (Oxford, UK and Montreal, Canada) has launched a new, all-digital version of its patented MetaView system. It combines a laser-camera sensor head with a video monitor to allow a machine operator to control from a remote location both the horizontal and vertical positions of a SAW (submerged arc welding) head.

The digital version uses a colour touchscreen as the video monitor. Combined with a new, high resolution digital colour camera in the sensor head, it provides much improved image quality and noise immunity, together with many new features.

Bob Beattie, Meta’s MD, commented, “As an entry-level product, our MetaView system provides a user-friendly way of getting machine operators away from the welding head. At the same time, it actually improves their control over the position of the head in the joint, leading to better weld quality.

“Just as improved health and safety concerns rightly discourage operators from working at heights, so there is an analogous need for a system to allow welding machine operators to work remotely from a safe distance.”

In addition to providing a better, less noisy image, the digital MetaView’s functionality includes digital zoom, pan and tilt, enabling the operator to optimise the image to his or her preference. New also is the ability to add a second camera to provide an overview of the weld head to complement the detailed positional view provided by the MetaView sensor.


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