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Matrox 4Sight EV7

Matrox Imaging has launched Matrox 4Sight EV7—the next iteration of its Matrox 4Sight series of industrial computers. These vision controllers are right at home in any production facility, overseeing and powering one or more production lines.

With an integrated twelve-core Intel® Core™ processor, Matrox 4Sight EV7 has the processing power necessary to handle both traditional machine vision workloads and those using deep learning to classify or segment images for inspection. Matrox Sight EV7 is compatible with both Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X and Matrox Design Assistant® X software platforms, giving users access to the full suite of software tools for capturing, analyzing, classifying, locating, measuring, reading, verifying, communicating, and I/O operations.

Four 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet and four SuperSpeed USB ports allow Matrox 4Sight EV7 to support multiple GigE Vision and USB3 Vision camera connections, allowing the industrial computer to handle multi-camera inspections with ease and efficiency.


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