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Martin Hurworth appointed CEO of Bytronic Vision Automation

Bytronic Vision Automation has announced the appointment of its new CEO, Martin Hurworth, as it looks to expand its position as the UK’s leading machine vision solutions supplier.

Hurworth, who’s engineering background spans more than three decades, has a record of leading energetic and transformational growth in manufacturing businesses.

Now in his new role, Hurworth will bring that same energy to Bytronic, taking over from Bytronic’s founder, Dr John Dunlop, who becomes chief technical director (CTO).

Dr John Dunlop, CTO, Bytronic, said: “Martin joins the dots between the technical and commercial sides of manufacturing; something which, as a business, we’ve grappled with for many years.

“His experience in leading teams and building relationships, combined with his engineering background, will help us to be there, leading the industry, with the tech, the knowhow and the commercial understanding that our customers need.”

During his time at Harvey Water Softeners, he grew the business from £14m to £36m turnover in five years, investing millions in R&D and increasing headcount from 100 to 300.

Martin Hurworth, CEO, Bytronic, said: “I’m thrilled to be joining Bytronic at such a critical point in manufacturing’s industry 4.0 journey. With so much potential out there for solving the ‘productivity puzzle’ through greater automation, this technology has so far been the preserve of a select few.

“I want to make cutting-edge vision automation a flexible and affordable option for any manufacturer - bringing down the cost of inspection and data intelligence. Whether it’s growth, in productivity, or reductions in costs or environmental impact such as removing plastic from supply chains.”

Bytronic Vision Automation is the UK’s leading integrator for FLIR and Cognex, and was recently named the UK’s exclusive distributor for fire prevention solutions by Swedish supplier Termisk Systemteknik in partnership with Thermascan.

Founded in 1997, it has supplied thermal imaging and vision automation technology to some of the world’s biggest companies, including AB InBev, Coca-Cola and P&G.


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