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LT-VA-5 alignment system

Laser Components has introduced its LT-VA-5 alignment system for use in various industrial alignment applications. The company lists alignment of machines, coordinate tables, and linear guides as well as for making measurements in aircraft, automotive, and railway construction as possible applications areas.

The system consists of a target, a laser, and a battery pack. A laser beam is projected above the object to be measured. As the user adjusts the position of the target, the deviation of the laser beam from the ideal line is displayed in two axes at the same time, allowing position and offsets to be determined.

The integrated lens within the target magnifies the deviation fivefold from the ideal line specified by the laser. Because the human eye reacts very sensitively to the deviations in an image within a target area, it is possible to achieve an alignment accuracy of 0.2mm. The company states that this measurement is independent of both the distance to the object and the diameter of the laser beam. The laser complies with class-2 safety regulations.


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