LQ-401CL and LQ-201CL

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JAI announces that the company is expanding its Sweep+ series of multi-imager prism-based color line scan cameras with two new models based on 4-CMOS prism technology. The new models, named LQ-401CL and LQ-201CL, are designed to perform separate imaging of visible Red (R), Green (G), Blue (B) plus Near Infrared (NIR) light.

The new cameras are capable of capturing the RGB and NIR light spectrum bands simultaneously in four separate channels through the same optical path. This combined RGB/NIR camera technology makes it possible to identify an even wider set of defects on vision inspected objects (e.g. fruit items, food items, PCB boards, tiles, textiles, print-inspection and web inspection).

Typical of JAI’s multi-imager color cameras, the dichroic coatings on the prism boundaries provide “steep spectral curves”, which minimize the “color crosstalk” thereby increasing the color precision in the images.

Besides a high color precision the cameras deliver perfectly aligned line scan images independently of the viewing angle to the inspected object, independently of variations on conveyer belt speed, and independently of whether objects have a wavy or curved texture.

The LQ-401CL model features a line resolution of 4096 pixels at 18,252 lines per second, while maintaining image quality at a signal-to-noise ratio of 55 dB. The LQ-201CL delivers a line resolution of 2048 pixels at 30,014 lines per second with a similar signal-to-noise ratio (55 dB) ensuring the capture of high quality images.

The cameras output 4 x 8 bits or 4 x 10 bits through a Camera Link interface. A binning function can combine the values of two adjacent pixels at the output stage resulting in a doubling of  sensitivity.

A number of built-in pre-processing functions are available including flat-field correction, gamma/gain correction and manual/automatic white balance. With the gamma/gain correction function the user can take full advantage of the sensors’ dynamic range to optimize the image. Gamma/gain correction, flat-field correction, as well as the electronic shutter can be set individually for the red, blue, green and NIR channels.

Just like JAI’s other line scan cameras, the LQ-401CL and LQ-201CL undergo extensive shock and vibration testing to maximize their ability to withstand the rigors of industrial environments. Specifications include 50G shock testing and 3G vibration testing.

A ridged housing design provides maximum surface area for heat dissipation resulting in excellent temperature management and optimal image quality. The cameras are available with M52 mount (standard) or Nikon F-mount (optional).