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Lumenera, a manufacturer of high performance digital cameras and custom imaging solutions, has released the Lm085, the newest addition to the Lm family of small form factor cameras. The Lm085 mini USB 2.0 camera is well suited to industrial applications with uncontrolled lighting conditions, tight space constraints, or those requiring industrial locking connectors.

Built over a wide VGA CMOS sensor with a 752 x 480 resolution, the camera features a small form factor measuring 44 x 44 x 56mm, robust and durable enclosure, and high sensitivity. An ultra-wide dynamic range of up to 100dB provides excellent images in high light contrast conditions where blooming in the sensor would typically wash out critical areas. Additional features include an electronic global shutter for image capture of fast motion events with no smear effect, fast frame rates for increased throughput, and an adjustable C- or CS-mount to compensate for lens back focus tolerances.

As with other Lm cameras, the Lm085 includes onboard image processing, industrial locking USB and GPI/O connectors, and eight mounting holes. Both colour and monochrome product models are fully supported by Lumenera Software Developer's Kit with an application programming interface compatible with C++ and Visual Basic.


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