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Leica Application Suite Cleanliness Expert

Leica Microsystems has made the software module, Leica Application Suite (LAS) Cleanliness Expert, available for a broader range of microscopes. More users with a wider range of requirements will benefit from the precise measurements this tool offers to the industrial sector.

Leica Cleanliness Expert performs cleanliness analysis and measurements of residual dirt as required in the automotive industry, for example. Users can measure length, breadth, and height of particles and differentiate between reflective and non-reflective particles. The software also documents the results, which are completely reproducible.

For conforming to ISO 4406 to determine the contamination level of hydraulic fluids, for example, the Leica DM2700 M, Leica DM4000 M LED or Leica DM6000 M are ideal microscope solutions. For inspection without user interaction and requiring reproducible illumination settings for comparable measurements, Leica Microsystems recommends that users choose the Leica DM4000 M LED or Leica DM6000 M.


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