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Laser 2000 to distribute Hamamatsu products

Laser 2000 (UK) in new partnership with Hamamatsu, launching CMOS camera and image-splitting optics. Laser 2000 (UK) are proud to announce their new partnership with Hamamatsu. It will see two of the latest Hamamatsu innovations being added to Laser 2000’s broad portfolio of high quality photonics products. Whilst making use of Laser 2000’s expert technical knowledge and strong background in life science, Hamamatsu’s extension to their sales team means that they can reach more University laboratories across the country.

The first of two products available through Laser 2000 is the ORCA-spark. It is a fast, low noise, and high-sensitivity digital CMOS camera. At a significantly lower cost, it out-performs Hamamatsu's popular interline CCD cameras such as the ORCA-R2. The release of ORCA-spark also enables Laser 2000 to provide complete solutions for low-noise fluorescence microscopy and imaging applications, and will go alongside Semrock optical filters, multi-wavelength light sources, Meadowlark spatial light modulators (SLM), and Zaber motion control.

If you’d like to see how well the ORCA-spark works in your own experiment, we’ll gladly lend you one for free, with no obligation to purchase. As we have a limited stock of evaluation units, please register your interest as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

The second product is the W-VIEW GEMINI. It combines image-splitting optics and specialised alignment software to allow simultaneous dual-wavelength imaging. Recommended for dynamic systems, the W-VIEW splits 2 images of a sample stained with different fluorophores and synchronously projects them onto a single CCD chip. You’ll find that it replaces 1 camera, 1 PC, and a synchronous unit with a single convenient package, making it lower cost, easier to operate, as well as improving structural and thermal stability.


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