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Sentient has enhanced its automated target detection solution Kestrel through the incorporation of auto-stabilisation, exploitation analytics, target classification information and CPU load reduction. The added functionality enables operators to extract intelligence from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) faster and with less processing burden.

Kestrel is a software solution that automatically detects and tracks targets within the field of view of electro-optical or infrared sensor. It specialises in finding targets that are either too small or moving too slowly for the operator to detect, such as a dismount walking or a person in the water.

The new upgrade significantly reduces the processing burden. The incorporation of optional auto-stabilisation compensates for suboptimal imagery from unstable platforms. Without re-tasking the sensors, users can digitally zoom in on any target or location in the field of view. Additional exploitation analytics add capability for the user to be able to analyse an environment quickly, interrogate areas of interest and quickly disseminate information and imagery to downstream users.

At the same time Geo-location data, velocity, size and direction of targets of interest can be assembled and disseminated, offering a precise, real-time view of only the targets of interest within the operating environment.


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