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Isorg and Sumitomo Chemical to develop organic CMOS sensors

Two organic photodetector (OPD) firms, Isorg and Sumitomo Chemical, have signed an agreement to develop OPD products for hybrid organic CMOS image sensors and smartphone fingerprint sensors.

French firm Isorg, a producer of organic photodetectors and large-area image sensors, will license its technology processes to its OEMs, while Japan-based Sumitomo Chemical will manufacture the organic semiconductor material, as well as support Isorg in terms of production technology and marketing.

The collaboration aims to provide OEMs with materials and technology processing solutions to bring CMOS and fingerprint sensors to market.

The hybrid organic CMOS sensors are intended for use in cameras, including those designed for near infrared capabilities. Sumitomo Chemical and Isorg anticipate that these sensors will meet the performance and quality standards necessary for application in the security, automotive, diagnostics and consumer electronics markets.

‘Partnering with Isorg will allow us to fill a void in the market for difficult-to-manufacture, but affordable, full-size fingerprint and CMOS image sensors that are suitable for demanding applications in smartphone displays and hybrid visible and near infrared cameras,’ said Hiroshi Ueda, executive vice president at Sumitomo Chemical. ‘Sumitomo Chemical is leveraging its materials platform to seize new opportunities for growth in the imager arena.’


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