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IR LED coaxial illumination systems

The Swiss illumination specialist, Volpi, has expanded its range of standard products with high-power LED coaxial illumination systems for infrared applications.

All CIS (Coaxial Illumination System) and ACIS (Advanced Coaxial Illumination System) versions are now available with infrared-LEDs. These systems use high-power infrared LEDs with a wavelength of about 875nm. The illumination is completely homogeneous. The infrared coaxial illumination systems are suited to inspections of coloured materials, inspection of printed or draggled surfaces or OCR-applications on banknotes or bankcards.

The modules are low-maintenance and are available in five different sizes with illumination areas between 25 x 25mm and 150 x 150mm. All modules are available with red LEDs (630nm) and white LEDs (7,800K).


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