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iQ 1.9

Andor Technology, a leader in scientific imaging and spectroscopy solutions, has released of the latest version of its flagship live cell imaging software, iQ 1.9. The upgrade will allow greater flexibility and power for all its users.

Notable updates include enhanced Frappa software support, enabling multi-region bleaching both live and within a protocol. The Frappa Calibration Wizard has also been upgraded to store multiple calibration files for different hardware configurations. Multi-field acquisition functionality has been extended by enabling autofocus (Olympus ZDC and Nikon PFS) control at all fields. While support for the CoolLED PrecisExcite LED illuminator enables Andor iQ users to gain access to the many benefits of this technology.

On the processing and analysis front, a new filter plug-in provides a range of convolution filters and morphological operators.


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