Intelligent lighting solutions

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OEM Automatic now stocks the entire range of Basler’s intelligent lighting solutions.

Basler’s new camera light range brings together its high-quality lighting equipment with its popular ace U and L camera models. It’s a perfect match which significantly reduces any of the complexity associated with a vision system.

Users will have a simpler image processing system and the best possible repeatable image quality. Any user can integrate the lighting early and easily.

The Basler SLP system

This close integration of camera and light rests on the Basler SLP feature which enables direct communication between the two.

It makes the entire process simpler and shorter: allowing easy synchronisation between camera and lighting; giving non-expert users easy access to the popular strobe mode (which provides more light and a longer LED lifetime); and simplifying the setup for vision applications.

A plug and play set-up means that it’s straightforward for users to choose an easy approach for quick results. Or they can choose a more flexible approach, suitable for those customers with lighting experience who have applications with specific lighting requirements.

Lighting can be easily operated in different modes such as continuous, strobe or overdrive. 

Both camera and lighting share the same software interface, the Basler pylon Camera Software Suite, which makes installation and operation easy.

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