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Infrared laser diodes

ProPhotonix Limited (London Stock Exchange - AIM: PPIX & PPIR, OTC: STKR), a high technology designer and manufacturer of LED illumination systems and laser diode modules, with operations in Ireland and the United Kingdom, is pleased to announce the addition of two new infrared (“IR”) laser diodes to its product range. The new laser diodes, from Quantum Semiconductor International Co., Ltd. (“QSI”), offer a higher wavelength of 940 nanometers (nm), are available with typical milliwatt (mW) output power of 50mW or 200mW, and include a built-in photodiode for laser diode monitoring.

The 940nm, 50mW laser diode, QL94J6S"X", is ideally suited for integration into industrial laser modules. In addition, 3D sensing, gesture recognition and targeting applications, among others, will benefit from this compact 5.6mm diode with a built-in photodiode to continually monitor performance.

The QL94R6S"X" 940nm laser diode has an output power of 200mW. The higher power level makes this IR laser diode ideally suited to virtual reality, augmented reality and depth sensing applications.

Both diodes are available in three different pin configurations, providing six new laser diode options, to ease integration for specific application requirements. Both are rated at operating temperatures up to 60⁰C.

Jeremy Lane, Managing Director, ProPhotonix (UK) Limited, commented: “We are pleased to offer these new Infrared laser diodes from QSI. They address many high growth opportunities and allow us to further extend our broad range of competitive, high-quality laser diode solutions to our customers."


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