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Imaris 7.3 software

Bitplane, a creator and supplier of 3D and 4D image processing, analysis and visualisation software and part of the Andor Group, has launched its Imaris 7.3 software. Imaris 7.3 brings enhancements to pivotal features within several Imaris modules enabling users to perform more challenging image analyses.

New capabilities include novel segmentation functions in ImarisCell, advanced filters in Imaris MeasurementPro and further expansion of ImarisXT.

The new ImarisCell uses plasma membranes for segmentation of cells in analysis of relationships between cells and cellular components. As such, cellular organelles are treated as biologically meaningful units allowing users to detect and analyse multiple populations of vesicles inside cells. Imaris MeasurementPro offers a new array of flexible filters to measure and visualise similarity between segmented objects. ImarisXT is now available for Mac OS X and offers additional Java support crucial for improved bi-directional data exchange with MatLab, ImageJ and other software.

Imaris is Bitplane's core software platform and delivers industry-leading functionality for visualisation and analysis of 3D and 4D microscopy data sets.


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