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ImagEM Enhanced camera

Hamamatsu has introduced the ImagEM Enhanced camera, a back-thinned, electron multiplier (EM) CCD camera and the latest addition to the Hamamatsu C9100 series. It is a universal camera for low light fluorescence imaging, ultra-low light luminescence imaging and high dynamic range bright field imaging in life sciences, materials research, and industrial imaging.

The C9100-13 has active built-in EM gain protection and re-adjustment features, designed to prolong the life of the camera. Direct EM gain can easily be controlled via any software that supports the Hamamatsu DCAM application.

The ImagEM Enhanced features a high-speed readout rate of 32fps at full spatial resolution, 16-bit digitisation, a maximum QE over 90 per cent and cooling performance down to –90°C to minimise dark noise. It also features two selectable readout modes for applications such as real-time imaging of low light fluorescence and ultra-low light luminescence detection. 

ImagEM Enhanced has many features to enhance image quality such as optimised drivers, designed to minimise the effects of Clock Induced Charge (CIC), a photon imaging mode to produce high-quality images in ultra-low light applications and a spot noise reducer function that increases the signal-to-noise ratio and improves image quality by eliminating noise elements such as cosmic rays.

A high resolution version of the ImagEM, the C9100-14, has now been added to the product line-up. This model incorporates a 1,024 x 1,024 pixel, back-thinned frame transfer CCD with 13mm pixels suited for high NA imaging.


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