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ImageIR 4300 and ImageIR 7300

Enhancement of ImageIR series provides easy entry into the device class of thermographic cameras with cooled detectors

InfraTec is pushing ahead with the development of its high-end camera series ImageIR. With two new models, the range of thermographic cameras with cooled FPA photon detectors is increasing once again for potential buyers that also search for detectors of different material (MCT, InSb).

A detector with (320 × 256) IR pixels is built into the robust, light alloy housing of the ImageIR 4300, whereas the format of the ImageIR 7300 is (640 × 512) IR pixels. In both cases, frame rates of up to 530 Hz are reached with the detectors working in snapshot mode. Thanks to the tried and tested Long-Life-Stirling coolers, these thermographic cameras are also suitable for constant use. The temperature resolution of 0.02 K or 0.025 K represents the entry into the luxury class of cameras with cooled detectors and opens the door to thermography at high-end level.

Anyone who wants to take the next step from there will benefit from the modular design of the entire camera series and the many associated options for subsequent technical upgrade of the model. At any rate, users who want to carry out measurements and tests by means of thermography in the field of industry and science will obtain an instrument for successfully solving even the most challenging tasks already from 45,000 Euros. As a product of InfraTec "Made in Germany", it offers users the highest level of quality and reliability.

The ImageIR camera series, developed and manufactured at the headquarters of InfraTec in Dresden, has now grown with both models to eleven different cameras. It belongs to the flagships of the company, and in combination with the most diverse types of software, high-quality lenses or robust protective cases it can be adapted flexibly to almost any measurement and testing situation.


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