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High speed video processing system

e-con Systems announces high speed Video processing System on module

eSOMTK1 System On Module based on nVIDIA® TK1 ARM Cortex™ A-15 Quad core Processor running up to 2.3GHz, Features 3 high speed camera interfaces with support for 13MP camera and Video Streaming 4K@30fps.

e-con Systems Inc., a company specializing in Computer on modules, announces the launch of its eSOMTK1 Computer on module. The eSOMTK1 is based on nVIDIA® Tegra® K1 processor. e-con Systems already has dozens of customers in mass production using its computer on modules such as the eSOMiMX6, eSOM3730 and eSOM270.

The eSOMTK1 exposes the complete range of interfaces provided by the Tegra K1 processor through its connectors, so that the customers can get the complete functionality without going through the complex design requirements of the processor sub system including memory and power manager. eSOMTK1 has three camera interfaces  provided with one 1-lane MIPI CSI-2 and two 4-lane MIPI CSI-2. The 4 lane interface allows 4K streaming at 30fps.  In addition, the eSOMTK1 offers a wide range of interfaces from simple GPIOs, industry standard I2C, SPI, UART, PCIe, SATA and  USB 3.0.

Other than exposing the native features of the Tegra K1 processor, the eSOMTK1 includes an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for 3D gyroscope & 3D acceleration. Further, the eSOMTK1 has an inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (BLE).

“Many of our camera customers have been asking for powerful computing platform for high-end image analytics, Deep Learning and Virtual/Augmented reality applications. Our eSOMTK1 powered by NVIDIA Tegra K1 CPU will be the right fit for these high-end applications. Together with the Propus Development that is supporting three simultaneous cameras and wide range of peripherals, this will be powerful development kit for the algorithm developers. While going for production, customers can use our eSOMTK1 SOM in their final product, without going through the complex design of high-speed CPU, thereby reducing the time-to-market for the new products”, said Ashok Babu, President of e-con Systems. 


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