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High sensitivity CMOS sensors

e2v, a designer, developer and manufacturer of high-technology components and subsystems, has announced the availability of a new generation of custom high sensitivity CMOS imaging sensors.

The high quantum efficiency (>80 per cent), CMOS sensor technology is available with a low-noise, full-frame global shuttering scheme. This technology is particularly suited to performance-driven markets such as surveillance, homeland security, Automotive Driver Active Safety (ADAS) applications, and industrial machine vision including barcode reading. The new sensors offer the ability to detect small, fast moving objects, or subtle contrast differences in everyday wide-dynamic scenes, which rely on the algorithm being supplied with high-quality image sensor data.

e2v's custom CMOS imaging product range also covers more specialist niche market sectors like professional digital SLR and broadcast/cinematography cameras, and deep UV inspection systems for the semiconductor industry: where low-noise, high-speed, and low power attributes are required. Further improvements in signal to noise ratio in the global shutter architecture are planned for future standard products built on the high sensitivity platform.


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