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High Definition Synergy-HD Microscope Imaging System

Toshiba Imaging Systems Division is partnering with Olympus Canada to offer a new tool for clinical pathology and teaching, the High Definition Synergy-HD Microscope Imaging System. 

After testing and evaluation of a number of systems, Olympus chose to integrate Toshiba’s new ultra-compact IK-HD1 3CCD HDTV camera with its line of clinical microscopes that feature objectives and optics which are well suited for digital imaging. The system, which includes a hi-def, wide screen 42” or 47” 1080p LCD monitor, delivers video imagery in real time, displaying the entire slide at all ROIs and magnifications. Toshiba’s camera and proprietary 3-chip prism block technology offers 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution at 30 frames per second with excellent colour reproduction, contrast and image detail without binning, image jitter or video lag. 
With the new HD format, the microscopy system offers detail, contrast and brightness even at low 2X/4X magnifications where clinical screening and margins are performed. The image processing electronics in the HD camera system offers a good signal-to-noise ratio and colour image detail. A wide variety of adjustments, including the creation of custom colour matrices and other user settings, is available via the compact, easy-to-use camera control unit.
The commercial LCD display has a refresh rate of 8ms with superior broadcast quality HD-SDI video format of 1.4Gb/s data rate. With high brightness and 60,000 hours of back light life span, the HD 1080i LCD display offers high contrast images that are viewable from any angle.

Depending on the need, an additional PC with an HD-SDI frame grabber can be added, allowing digital capture of the HD images at full 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. The frame grabber allows simultaneous viewing of the microscopy slide image on the LCD monitor, making it ideal for tumor boards and clinical rounds as well as various medical and life science teaching environments


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