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HGH sees blackbody sales increase for IR imaging

With the Covid-19 pandemic spreading the globe, HGH, the world leader in infrared test equipment, has seen a strong increase in its blackbodies sales. They are commonly used for the calibration and testing of thermal imaging cameras or IR single element sensors in production lines.

Main application of thermal imagers consists in screening for elevated body temperature. The detection of fever which is a key symptom of Coronavirus provides a datapoint that can help airports, hospitals, factories, hotels, or any high traffic places to prevent the spread of the disease. Indeed thermal cameras can ferret out sick people in a crowd by finding those who have elevated temperatures.

To be accurate in the temperature reading, a reliable thermal image across somebody’s face is needed. “This accurate measurement can only be obtained by calibrating the IR camera with a high performance and traceable reference source, such as the DCN1000 blackbody family”, said Catherine Barrat, Test & Measurement Business Unit manager at HGH France. Calibrated at human fever temperature, HGH blackbodies are well known for their excellent radiometric qualities such as thermal uniformity, regulation stability and emissivity.

HGH is committed to serving its customers throughout the course of this pandemic and to provide continuity of service in the best respect of the guidance from French government and public health authorities. “The health and the welfare of our employees remain a priority” said Thierry Campos, President of the HGH Group.

Given the current situation, HGH strives to provide its customers with the best possible lead-time on infrared reference sources.


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