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FUJIFILM Europe GmbH has announced the upgrade of formerly 3 megapixel series “HF-XA” to officially 5 megapixel series “HF-5M”. In 2016, the HF-XA series was released with “3 megapixel” resolution but in fact, the resolution of the majoritiy of all lenses is able to support 5 megapixel cameras easily. To guarantee a 5 megapixel resolution with every single Fujinon HF-5M lens being produced, Fujifilm implemented new unique test equipment within the production line. The lenses are tested and optimized directly during the production process. Therefore the formerly 3 megapixel lens series is upgraded to officially 5 megapixels HF-5M now. The lens design itself and the specifications remain unchanged, while the model names will be changed from HFxxXA-1 to HFxxXA-5M. 

The FUJINON HF-5M series consists of six high performance fixed focal length lenses with focal lengths between 6mm and 35mm. The lenses maintain their high resolving power of 3.45µm / 5 megapixels from the image center to all corners even when the aperture is wide open under low light conditions as well as over changing working distances. This flat resolution enables a flexible usage of the lenses in versatile applications with consistent image quality. The lens series comes with a small diameter measuring only 29.5mm. The small size supports the development of compact Machine Vision systems because the lens diameter is smaller than the size of many Machine Vision cameras. Depending on the focal length, the applicable sensor sizes range from 2/3” for the short focal lengths up to 1” for the longer focal lengths. Furthermore, each lens has three holes for locking screws that allow for the iris and the focus ring to be adjusted from more flexible angles.


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