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Halcon 11.0.2

MVTec Software has launched the new maintenance release 11.0.2 of its machine vision software Halcon 11. This release fixes bugs and offers improved features to the machine vision market.

Halcon 11.0.2 offers improved functionality for reading data codes and barcodes. The data code reader can now optionally enforce the existence of a quiet zone of detected symbols, and, for ECC 200 codes, it is up to 200 per cent faster and more robust in certain cases. Furthermore, the error correction for PDF417 codes is even more robust. The barcode reader now supports the verification of an optional check character without stripping it from the barcode data.

Halcon has been extended with the new release to include procedures to make it easier to calculate groups of features with given properties for classification, as well as with procedures to create 2D plots to visualise data series. Halcon’s integrated development environment, HDevelop, has also been extended with the option to load the recent program file automatically during startup, and with the ability to copy the referred local procedures together with the calling program lines between different instances of HDevelop. Furthermore, the HDevelop example programs that show the use of the data code reader have been revised and reorganised.


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