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GigE camera module

Sony has unveiled its first GigE camera module, vastly increasing data transfer speeds and opening up new commercial applications. The camera module enables organisations to transmit uncompressed image data, at 1000Mbps, over distances of 100m. Available output modes are 5 Megapixel and UXGA for high resolution, as well as SXGA for high sensitivity and VGA, which delivers 90fps.

The module is capable of recognition, measurement and pattern matching. Alignment is also possible in VGA mode and ITS, for high end security, is enabled SXGA mode. These image processing capabilities, combined with its high resolution, make it ideally suited to a vast range of applications, including those in the aerospace, robotics, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors.

The C mounted camera measures 44 x 33 x 67.5mm, delivers a resolution depth up to 12 bits per pixel, has a shutter speed of 1/100,000s and enables 0-18dB of gain control with 0-6dB of digital gain.

The module supports GVCP, GVSP, UDP/OPv4, DHCP client and LLA client protocols. It comes with a choice of Windows Filter Driver or high performance driver software and a GenICam compliant XML file to provide XML to applications when the camera is booted.


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