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Stemmer Imaging has introduced Gecko, a low cost application that captures and compresses video streamed directly from GigE cameras onto a standard PC in real time. The latest version of Gecko supports fast uncompressed ring buffers for capturing short high speed events plus an incredibly fast JPG RAM compressor capable of recording to memory at high rates for long durations. Events may be triggered by mouse, keyboard or camera digital I/O with pre- and post-event recording buffer.

Gecko is designed for applications that require a simple to use digital video recorder for process monitoring and event capture and records video to standard formats such as AVI and MPG. The application is built using Stemmer Imaging’s Common Vision Blox software.

It allows viewing, control and recording from up to four GigE Vision compliant cameras simultaneously. The simple to use and intuitive GUI allows recording with a single click. Gecko supports file sizes over 2GB for long period recording and frame rates as low as 1Hz for very long time recording.


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