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Fujinon TF-MA lens series

With the Fujinon TF-MA lens series, FUJIFILM now offers three new machine vision lenses for high-resolution 3-chip color cameras.

The new FUJINON TF-MA lens series from Fujifilm was developed for industrial-use high-resolution three-chip color cameras and is optimized for precise measurement and inspection tasks. The special design of the series of three C-mount lenses with focal lengths of 6 mm, 14 mm, and 25 mm meets the highest demands in terms of color reproduction and optical resolution. 

In the machine vision sector, three-chip color cameras are used in environments where images of highest color fidelity and optimum image resolution are required. They incorporate a prism block as beam splitter and utilize band-pass filters that distribute the incident white light to three beam paths for red, green, and blue. For each color channel, a separate CMOS or CCD sensor is installed to facilitate the image capture. The complex camera construction requires an assembly accuracy in the subpixel range. As such, the lenses used in high-resolution three-chip color cameras must provide excellent imaging properties. Due to the camera-internal prism construction, they also require a compact and precisely adapted design. 

The design of Fujifilm’s FUJINON TF-MA series lenses has been optimized to deliver high image quality with consistent sharpness from the center to the corners as well as a low level of distortion. Their design allows short working distances of 100 mm for the 6 mm and 14 mm lenses and 200 mm for the 25 mm lens. With dimensions of 48 mm x 62 mm for the 6 mm lens and 34 mm x 63 mm for the 14 mm and the 25 mm lenses, they are also very compact.

All three lenses in the series deliver optimal image quality on 1/1.8" sensors with 2.0 µm pixel pitch. Furthermore, they can also be used on sensors of up to 2/3" with 3.45 µm pixels.


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