Framos to distribute products from Riken Dengu Seizo

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FRAMOS is pleased to announce its co-operation with RIKEN DENGU SEIZO CO. LTD. to supply specialist cameras.

Established in 1937, RIKEN DENGU SEIZO CO. LTD. hails from the acclaimed RIKEN institute of Physics and Chemical Research, one of the most famous research institutions in Japan.  Approved by Japan Defense Agency (JDA) as a manufacturer for defense electronics they have been a prominent supplier of electronic components to the Aerospace and defence markets over the past 5 decades. The company have recently adapted their experience to the industrial imaging market with their high precision Electronics Manufacturing Service and as part of their Global strategy they have entered into a strategic partnership with PRIMETECH ENGINEERING CORP. as their primary manufacturing service provider. PRIMETECH ENGINEERING CORP.

is a professional imaging company with over 15 years experience in the development of imaging products and solutions. Their experience and know-how have enabled them to serve diverse markets including Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Microscopy, Machine Vision and Security industries with cutting edge technology.

FRAMOS is pleased to announce that they will distribute a range of products from the above co-operation including the following five technologies:

USB 3.0 Line scan camera with a resolution of 500, 1K, 2K and 4K pixels for high speed Machine Vision applications including web, label, bank note, steel and paper inspection.

USB 3.0 SWIR InGaAs cameras operating in the 970nm ~ 1650nm wavelength region for Medical applications including vein, gastric and retinal examinations, Biotechnology research,  Machine Vision applications including IC / PCB, SI wafer, solar cell and pharmaceutical inspections, and Cultural/historic artefact examination.

SDI Interface Cards to support the efficient use of Hitachi’s latest block camera technology by converting the conventional YUV data into industry standard SMPTE292M / 424M SDI signals whilst fully supporting all the video features of corresponding cameras.

Applications include ANPR, Medical, industrial surveillance and broadcast.

Dual Interface Full HD USB/DVI-D Camera with features allowing multi-tasking in the Medical field. USB interface allows full remote control, recording of full HD video and high resolution snap shots (up to 3.2Mpixels), whilst the DVI-D interface enables users to simultaneously view examine real-time video. Example markets include: Microscopy (industrial / medical inspection), Surveillance (medical / industrial). 

And finally a range of Analog CCIR / EIA Cameras for general Machine Vision applications.   

Examples of the above can be seen at the forthcoming Vision Exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, 4 to 6th November 2014, in hall 1, booth C42/D42.