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Focal Length Calculator

Goyo Optical announces the launch of its new Focal Length Calculator. This web tool, available on, allows users to quickly and easily calculate the most effective lens focal length for their system, ensuring the aspect ratio of the sensor size equally pairs with the aspect ratio of the object being imaged. The Goyo Optical Focal Length Calculator was tested using the strictest standards and is proven to be more accurate than any other platform on the market. 

An object field of view that’s properly scaled to the sensor field of view aspect ratio ensures that the sensor will capture your entire image, preventing image clipping. Based on the sensor size, working distance and field of view entered into the tool, the Focal Length Calculator computes the Effective Focal Length while also providing the best lens options. Companies can now take the guess work out of finding the most optimal lens for their unique application. 

“When developing the Focal Length Calculator, our goal was to create a tool that was easier to use and more accurate than others of its kind,” says GOYO President Taki Kadobayashi. “By rigorously testing this tool against optical engineering software and field measurements, we believe we achieved our goal of offering a tool that not only helps our internal team members but that also helps all of our customers and distributors alike.”


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