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FlyCapture 2.3

Point Grey has released FlyCapture 2.3, the next generation of its FlyCapture image acquisition and camera control library. This release continues to improve and expand USB 3.0 support, introduces ARM support and provides greater flexibility in development environments and operating systems.

To support high data throughputs from Point Grey's portfolio of USB 3.0 cameras, FlyCapture now makes use of Direct2D technology for better image rendering performance on Windows 7. Image tearing is eliminated and CPU usage has been reduced. The USB 3.0 Pro driver is extended to provide additional diagnostics, full control of the driver stack and improved compatibility for multi-camera systems. Additionally, there is richer support for third party software utilising the DirectShow library, such as National Instruments' LabView and Mathworks' Matlab.

FlyCapture 2.3 also now supports ARM processors. These small, low cost, low power processors are an ideal fit for embedded systems such as those popular in traffic applications as well as a wide variety of mobile applications including autonomous robotics.

MultiSync, which synchronises image acquisition of multiple Point Grey cameras across separate buses, has now been expanded to support 32-bit and 64-bit Linux and 64-bit Windows systems.


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