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Fluorescent FR-7200 ringlights

Dolan-Jenner Industries of Boxborough, MA, a manufacturer of fibre optic components and fibre optic illumination systems, has introduced the Fluorescent FR-7200. Ideal for microscopy vision, the Fluorescent FR-7200 is part of Dolan-Jenner's line of ringlights. Ringlights provide intense, shadow-free on-axis lighting and are especially useful when imaging highly reflective objects.

The FR-7200 provides high frequency lighting, and special phosphors result in a brighter 7,200º Kelvin fluorescent ring light for enhanced resolution. The FR-7200's optimised diffusion produces soft light that is both shadow-free and glare-free. The high-impact housing is ESD safe and the solid-state ballast reduces eye strain by eliminating flicker and line ripple.

Weighing 1.5 lb, the FR-7200 features a lamp output of 15W and a frequency of 30kHz. On the machine's high setting, the light output is 1,070 footcandles at 3 inches, while the low setting provides a light output of 660 footcandles at 3 inches. The life of the lamp is rated for a minimum of 2,000 hours and the plug-in transformer features 120V, with a 230V version also available.


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