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FL3-U3-13Y3M-C camera

Point Grey has added a model to its popular line of Flea3 USB 3.0 cameras. This new model combines the benefits of CMOS and global shutter technology in a low-cost, ultra-compact package.

When combined with global shutter readout, the new FL3-U3-13Y3M-C delivers 1,280 x 1,024 distortion-free images of fast-moving objects at 150fps (8-bit) over USB 3.0. This new model incorporates an On Semi ½-inch Vita 1300 monochrome sensor featuring 4.8µm2 pixels.

The ultra-compact Flea3 measures just 29 x 29 x 30mm and provides a set of features dedicated to maximising USB 3.0 reliability, including a 32 Megabyte frame buffer for image retransmission; on-camera power, temperature, and status monitoring; and in-field updatable firmware. The camera also provides fixed pattern noise correction, look up tables, gamma correction, binning and region-of-interest speed up.

Point Grey has developed its own USB 3.0 link layer IP which is implemented in an FPGA.


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