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FCB-H11 camera module

Sony's Image Sensing Solutions division has launched its second high definition FCB camera module. The FCB-H11 has an ability to work in low light conditions through the addition of an auto ICR (IR Cut Filter Removable), which enables a day/night function as well as operation at an 1 lx illumination for high definition resolution.

The camera block is ideally suited to potentially low light situations that require high resolution images, in particular, intelligent CCTV and security, and environments that require high-quality remote monitoring such as surgery lamps, crane control, and motor sport.

To meet the demands for excellent picture quality, the 2 Megapixel, 60fps module is combined with a 10x optical zoom (120x with digital zoom) and delivers true high definition images at a video output of 1080i (interlaced) or 720p (progressive) using a 1/3-type CMOS image sensor. The lens provides a wide viewing angle of up to 50°.  In HD mode, the camera delivers a 16:9 aspect ratio; a 4:3 ratio is also available in SD mode.

The FCB-H11 is a compact (47.2 x 43.1 x 72.2mm) and lightweight (120g) unit and operates between 0-45°C.


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